Sep 20, 2008

Bijou Bazaar @ The Podium, Menara Hup Seng

Went for another shopping spree today! =)
Bijou Bazaar was held in Menara Hup Seng...
Took the train, monorail and walked there.
Walked about 2km the least?

The crowd wasn't really much during the morning. Most starting pouring in during late noon.

Spot the cute phrases ;)

The 3 main areas of the day. (2 actually..)
Lobby - Arts + Music
Level 1F - Retail Lab
Level 2F - Rooftop Garden

We headed to level 1F first as that's the main shopping spot.

Pixel necklaces..

Rachelle bought an ice cream cone one which is not in any of these pictures =P

Cute handphone pouches! Saw these last time at Urbanscapes too.
Forgot their boutique name though...

Awesome & comfy sandals!

Oh yeah...this is my partner in crime of the day =P


Oh yea...I bought this!

Since Rachelle got there she's been sneezing non stop. Had flu also. =\
It must have been those fabric dust.
My shopping session got disturbed by my growling stomach and so we settled for lunch @ Old Town White Coffee.


Rachelle's. Their curry is really nice.



Rachelle looking cute with this cap on! =)

After a few hours hanging out at lvl 1F we headed down to the lobby.
There were more stalls down there.
More like accessories and artsy stuff.

Chilling beside the fountain.

I really like the accessories sold by Mimpi Murni. Their accessories have this vintage edge and prettily breath taking at the same time.
I want all of them!!!(I wish!) Table cloth pun cantik jugak... =P

Our last stop!
The rooftop garden.
A really nice place to chill and hangout after all those shopping.
Really peaceful and quite.

We're not allowed to step on the grass though =.='
Pretty tempting...
If only there are a cafe up here it would be prefect!

Since that time there was only Me & Rachelle on the rooftop. We camwhored! ;)

Uhh...Is Rachelle trying to punch me? >.<

Ok ok! I know YOU are impatient on wanting to know what I bought at Bijou.

Custom made from Hand Made Tiny Thoughts

Necklace from Mimpi Murni
They had 20% discount on that day. Their usual price for accessories are quite pricey.
Ohh..their tagline is 'Jewelry for Dreamers'
Like me! XD

Rachelle bought this =) Sweet

Handmade leather sandals by Button My Buttons
Mine (rainbow), Rachelle (Stars)

Oh yea...I bought 2 more tops. Thrifted price. No pics. Sorry =\

Bought the tops from

OMG! (
The Shoplifters (


A vintage bag! (from I don't know where)

Me me me! =p


A picture of me being a total retard!

ps: Other boutiques that I love at Bijou are

Like Seriously (sells really cute stuff but unfortunately I was outta money)

Tangga Step (love their hand made shoes...UNFORTUNATELY the one I wanted was on display ONLY! dang...) Rachelle also love their shoes. Stalked their stalls for like gazillion times just to check on whether her shoes are ready yet.

Jenifer Ooi ( saw a vintage dark blue sling bag with heart shapes on it for RM10. Fell in love with it. But x beli also...cuz pok kai) -__-

Some stall next to Hand Made Tiny Thoughts. The fedora hat SO NICE!
(yes Daniel, tempting right? =P)


  1. omg. you so need to take me shopping when i come home.

  2. Haha..thx. Yeah will definately take ur there.

    When u left only they organized another of these event =\



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