Sep 8, 2008

Jay Dee's Birthday

JD's birthday was on Sept 6. But celebrated on the 5th instead! So yea...I was like 1 hour late cuz I was at Rachelle's surprise party.

By the time I reach, everyone was there already. Gosh! It was sooo friggin cold in Swensons.
I was sitting directly under the aircond. =.='
Air cond + Ice cream = BAD!


Almost everyone..

Hazri, Sha & Me.

Me & Han Sen. He grew taller!

G, JD, Sha & Me

Han Sen n JD
Sha & Me
G...what the hell!!!

I wonder why G grew shorter...
This is the so far 'perfect' pic. Cuz there were 3 cameras and we didn't know where to look! All were clicking at the same time!
Had a fun time too cuz manage to catch up with everyone!

JD is going back to Aussie on Mon. Miss ya!

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