Sep 7, 2008

Rachelle's Surprise Party

Rachelle's party was on Fri. Somehow...she didn't suspect anything throughout the whole week while it was being planned by her family. =P

Me & Amelia were discussing what to get for Rachelle and then I thought of making her a scrapbook. Since Rachelle didn't really like to take photos, it would be nice to present her something that has all her memories inside which included the prom pics etc.

So on Thurs itself, Melia brought all those funny & cute headbands and we started camwhoring with Alvina. Rachelle was left out on purpose. Sorry..hehe.

In the process of making the scrapbook...We reached before 7.30 cuz the plan was to surprise Rachelle when she came down.
But ended up starting later than planned cuz it was raining and alot were stuck in d jam! So only her family plus me & Amelia and her other friends who were there already surprised her!
Evonne also 'faked' that she dropped the cake infront of Rachelle and she was quite shocked.

So bloody cold! It was FREEZING out there =X
Loved the mash potatoes! Yummy. Didn't get to stay long cuz had to rush to another friends bday back at Subang. Dessert!

Had fun at the party esp during the surprise part cuz it was really funny!

Happy Birthday Rachelle!
p.s- know what! I left my spectacles at Rachelle's house cuz it was in another bag that I brought along! Was rushing to go to another party so I forgotten about it! So now I'm partially blinded. *grumbles* Wearing my old specs right now. Things are looking pretty blur @_@.. And I gonna depend more on contacts.. sigh :0

p.p.s- Naz you cookie monster! *POKES*

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