Oct 5, 2008

Swea Phin's Surprise Party

Swea Phin's bday was yesterday.
Shaun n all planed a surprise party for her.
Went to her house around 8pm.
She was out for dance class, so everyone was preparing d food etc.

Some of us were hiding inside the study room since she was 'on the way' back.
We were waiting for quite some time cuz apparently the' on the way' was that they're still on Federal Highway. -.-'
Around 9 something Swea Phin came back.
We sang the Birthday song to her & she screamed. lol!

Getting emo. =P

We also celebrated Swea Ching's bday cuz both are in the same month.

Aunt Mei cooked loads of delicious food! *yummy*

Swea Phin & Me

Catched up with the ppl I haven't seen in a long time.
Watched some shows on Astro too.
Went back at 12am.

Happy Birthday again my dear friend =)

p.s- Went for a haircut in the morning..shorter fringe now!

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