Oct 11, 2008

This & That...

Meet up with Li Yuan & Shermaine yesterday @ Pyramid
Suppose to meet at 2pm. I thought I was the late one when I reached abt 2.30..
Mana tau, they came...about 1 hour later. LOL
Hanged out at Popular Bookstore while waiting for them.

Since everyone had lunch already so we went to some dessert shop @ Asian Avenue for dessert.
Catched up with each other n all.
The last time I saw them was prob during June. Was it? Gah.

Walked around the mall aimlessly as things are getting less interesting eye catching.
Initially we wanted to watch Mamma Mia. But then wanted to save money so ended up not watching & continue to wander around d mall.

Settled for dinner around 7pm @ Pasta de GOHAN.
Their food are pretty tasty. But not many choices to choose from.

Shermaine getting all hyped up when the food arrived. =P

I'm so hungry!

The total was RM80.75. Damn mahal can?
I'd rather go to Sushi Zanmai n eat. Haha.

Wandered around the mall again after dinner.
Decided to go to J.CO to get my yogurt.
Chilled there as we were dead tired.
Went back around 9pm.

Okay...I look retarded in this pic. But it was the best pic with 3 of us.

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