Jan 26, 2009

Of reunion dinner & popcorn...

Been busy cleaning to house yesterday esp the front porch and the kitchen area.
Deco's were done the previous day. Keep the deco's simple this year.
The distance between last year celebration was so short that somehow the sprit of CNY seemed to be sorta duller this year?

Moving on, took a nap in between.
Dinner was as usual, with the family.
Broccoli & carrots, Braised pork knuckles with sea cucumber & mushroom, fried prawns and soup.
Yummy! =P

Went to the cinema @ Pyramid around 11 plus
as we bought the tickets the day before.
Movie was at 11.55pm.

Not many people though...most went back to their hometown.

What can I say...
The movie was awesome!!!
Certainly fascinated by the art of war, history & some poetic quotes.
Although sometimes the fighting scenes are kinda draggy,
but overall the movie's good.

Watched Red Cliff 1 on DVD few hours before the show.
Both movies are equally as interesting and exciting.
Scenery's were pretty breath taking as well.

Takeshi Kaneshiro...the eye candy of the movie. =P
My mom loves him too!


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