Feb 6, 2009

Carmen's Farewell

Carmen's leaving for Melbourne next week.
Seems that everyone is going there. Sigh.

Swea Phin planned a mini farewell for her yesterday.
Carmen picked us up around 12 plus and we headed off to Pyramid.
Had our lunch at Subway.
We gossip, talk & talk... catched up with each other.
Mon Wei came and joined us after her work.

Intro-ed them to Crystal DIY for mani/pedi.
All of them did their nails...
Camwhored while waiting.

'Surprisingly we still can talk so much after not seeing each other for so long' - Mon Wei

We bought tickets for Bride Wars at 3.30pm.
This is my 2nd time watching it. LOL!
Was still an awesome show!
We were 10 min late for the show cuz of the nails session. tehee~

Swea Phin, Carmen, Mon Wei & Me.

Me & Carmen.
I love this pic cuz the lighting damn nice! =D

It was great meeting up with all of them esp Carmen & Mon Wei.
Haven't seen them in ages.
Friends since primary school...
Definitely miss those moments.

We'll miss you Carmen =)

Read here as well- Mon Wei's blog

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