Feb 26, 2009

Hold your breath...

Photography class was quite fun today.
Get to play around with the DSLR, testing the aperture, lighting etc.
Played around with my digi cam as well since I don't own a DSLR.

Lizzie took one of me as well.
But it's in the college camera =(


Did more writings for writing for diff media class today.
Had to write one about cancer.
It reminded me of my late grandmother. sigh.

After class headed out with Amelia & Tim.
Went to SS15 for dinner at Yee Fatt which Jared suggested to us.
Went to AC for a session of pool after dinner.
Pool sucked badly today.
Lost to Tim who is a better player & had lots of 'kai' shots.

Took them over to Snowflake which is located opposite Asia Cafe for dessert after that.
Which I went the day before which Jared, Sat, Zhe, Jess, Bo, Kevin & his gf.
Their Snowflake bestseller tasted quite good.
They have the 'guai lin ko' inside which I absolutely love, plus the sweet potato n yam.
I shall try other stuff next time.

Flowers for Xian's bday frm Tim.
Pretty ain't it?

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