Feb 27, 2009

No Plain Days

*all pictures are credited to No Plain Days*

I stumbled across this site from Diary Of An E-Shopaholic and boy,
I fell in love with it at first sight!

Practically everything I saw on this e-boutique screamed 'Buy me! buy me!'
One of the upcoming new e-boutiques, this site got my 101% attention.
The photography style, poise and backgrounds certainly stood out.

High-Waisted Puffy Skirt, RM49

Definitely worth buying! Hides your tummy too ;)

Losta Button Shirt, RM48

Ahh, the ever so famous Boyfriend shirt.
Don't be taken aback by the number of buttons on it.
Most of them are stitched on, there are only a few standard ones.
Gotta admit it's adorable, no?

Wickedly-Demure Tube Dress with Pockets, RM68

One of the dresses that I've seen around for quite some time.
Although it's quite pricey, but I just can't get enough of the colour and style!
Perfect for any occasion.

Three-Tone Tank, RM18

My jaw practically dropped when I saw this!
Such pretty top for an awesome deal!
Not to mention it comes with different tones as well. =D
The bag is also sold on the site! *thinking whether I should get one*

Babydoll Lace Dress, RM58

One of those lace dresses which sold out pretty fast some time ago at other sites.
And now they're back!
The oh-so-pretty laces are definitely worth to die for. ;)

What more can I say?
Visit them at noplaindays.wordpress.com


Doing reviews are so much fun.
Maybe I should do this more often? =)

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