Apr 10, 2009

Astro hitz Evolution Party

Hitz TV was officially rebranded as Astro Hitz on the 1st of April at the launch party at Zouk KL.
Melia had media invites for the Astro hitz Evolution Party, so we went along.
Me, Melia, Rachelle, Mahasin, Jared and Naz went.
Cicak came as well since he was working nearby.

Media registration was at 7.30pm but Jared, Cicak and I reached early cuz we're afraid of the traffic.
Lingered around the area and waited for Amelia etc.
Played some games with the Hitz.fm cruisers as they were giving some prizes.
Won a bottle. =)
We're trying to win the David Archuleta showcase tickets but we failed. =\

As we were going in, Rachelle forgot to bring her IC out. =.=
So she couldn't get in.
*woman! you're suppose to bring out your IC everywhere you go.*
Jared & Cicak sent her back since they have to leave early anyway.

Opening dance and speeches were done.
Too bad we couldn't stay longer cuz we have classes the next day.
Went off as they were serving dinner.
I'm sure the party was awesome.

Headed off to Murni @ SS2 for late dinner as we were hungry.
Satisfied my tummy with the Mozzarella Cheese Nan.

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