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Apr 21, 2009

The Light Show 2009

The Light Show 2009 was held at Annexe Gallery, Central Market on the previous fri to sun.
Went there on Sat as the whole class were required to do something like 'Art Appreciation 101' for Media Criticism

Basically the Light Show about about different arrangements of lights and etc made from recycled items.

Isn't great? Things that are environment friendly and creative at the same time.

If you look carefully, there's bells inside the plastic and I can imagine when the wind blows.
A more serene and calm feel to this.

Most art pieces were modern art.
And I didn't really understand the concept behind it though.
Should've ask the people there. =\

Nonetheless, it's creative artwork which usually people wouldn't think of.

For those who are interested to go and see the artwork you can check out the website *click* as they have changed their location.

They are having a workshop for anyone who's interested in making their own light installment. All the information are on the website. Participants are limited to 15 ppl each.

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