Apr 22, 2009

Stage Therapy @ Annexe Gallery

Plays. Something I haven't had a chance to watch for a long time.
I took the opportunity to catch Stage Therapy at Annexe Gallery, Central Market on Saturday since Rachelle's friend was in it and I hadn't watch one for quite some time.
The Media Criticism field trip ended around 2 and most of the classmates went back except for a few of us. I was lingering around taking pictures.

Thank god there were extra tickets cuz initially they were fully booked.
Bought the tickets & I did not regret it. None at all.

Stage Therapy is a showcase of 8 original plays about love, redemption, humour,
dysfunction and despair.

Join a family of bank robbers as they deal with bombs, hippies and an angry post-woman. Discover the beauty of a stranger’s smile on the LRT. Explore the nature of time to a lonely man.
Take a bitter trip down memory lane with two young men on the path of self-destruction. Experience the life of a woman, stuck in a love triangle of her own making.
See the face of an apathetic city through the eyes of a jaded private investigator. Judge for yourself the woman of questionable intentions; just as her own reflection judges her. Become immersed in the surreal romance of two lovers caught in a dance that loops through illusion, faith and vulnerability


I held my breath as the song Breath Me started. It was a dance. A dance that unfolds the plot as it goes. No dialogues, just a dance. I didn't dare to breath or even blink, for the fear of missing every moves which all conveys its meanings and messages to the story. I observed the whole dance carefully like a hawk. Putting in everything single detail into my mind so that it make sense. When the song ended, that was it. That was the final moment that impact me deeply, engraved into my mind unconsciously.

The play ended with tremendous and loud claps from the audience.


I'm just gonna talk about my understanding cum interpretation of the final dance scene titled 'When Things Go Wrong' cuz it's just brilliant!

It's the typical girl meets guy, guy meets girl scene and they fell in love. When we fall in love, we're in total control of each other. We follow what our partner says and does, agreeing in everything as well. As long as the romance lasted, things started to go wrong. Hardships and arguments usually happens. One of the partner sacrificed his life to his lover so that she can live on. Sacrifice, is a huge responsibility because what you do, may hurt the other people around you like your friends and family. In the end, everyone died. Including the girl. It's because she felt that the world without him is meaningless, not worth living for anymore as he's the reason she fought to stay alive.

I guess that's it. Overall I enjoyed the whole play. Mind blowing & intriguing! =)

p.s- I think the reason the male actors were wearing guyliner is to enhance their expression?

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