May 7, 2009


Neenish, RM5, Banana Pie

Another new e-boutique!
Purple is one of my fav colour. This caught my eye when I saw it!
Chandelier earrings sold at very affordable prices.
I would get one if I were you ;)

Coldest, RM49, Shopaholics Unite!

The chic jacket come in brown and red! I think it's thick cotton.

Colder, RM49, Shopaholics Unite!

Fell in love with both colours as I set my eyes on them.
It's so versatile! Cold lecture halls, movies etc!
Damn I wish I can buy both ;P

Sailor Mini Dress, RM39, Kiss kiss bang bang
Unlike the usual ones which the bottom half is blue, this is in grey!

Floral Romper, RM45, Purple Peppermint

Imported goodies! This romper is perfect for spring and summer.
Plus the hot weather is really getting onto my nerves.


  1. you should get the earrings and sailor mini dress. =D

  2. Thank you so much for the review, Miss Chuen! :D

    your review has been linked!


  3. Hey sweets thanks for featuring us! Appreciate it lots ;) You can get your Floral Romper in violet (since purple is your fave color ehe) for only RM35 instead of RM45! Limited time offer!

    Mad love,



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