May 22, 2009

Movie Marathon

Okay, another outdated post.

I've been pretty much ditching my blog lately.
Sorry =\
Assignments and deadlines are pretty near.
Not to mention going out more often these days...

Last week been spent swimming, pool @ AC, numerous yam cha session & more!

Here's the list of movies that I've watched for the pass few weeks.

Watched with the Lee brothers and gang.

Ratings: 9.5/10

Read the book long time ago. The movie was no doubt awesome.
But they didn't show the reason behind all the killings.

Watched with the parents.

Ratings: 9/10

Was hoping for the movie to proceed longer though.
He lost his memories & forgot about the woman he loved *bummer*

Watched with Lee brothers, Zhe & Amelia

Ratings: 7/10

The whole cinema only had like 7 people. =.=
Funny show.
Had some random parts like you're suppose to sing along to the karaoke. =\

Loads of hidden meanings.
Loved the part where they voted who to sacrifice. Dreams or reality?

Often we sacrifice our dreams because reality tend to let us realize what is more important.
But both can be achieved at the same time as well.
Life's complicated.
Deal with it.

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