Jun 23, 2009

Outdoor Photoshoot

DSC_1455 copy copy

Needed some extra pics for the photography portfolio a few weeks back
So took Swea Phin as my model again =) thx babe.
Headed off to Subang Ria Park around 5pm

DSC_1583 copy copy

Here are some of the shoots we took.
Basically walked one whole round of the park.
Work and exercising at the same time =P

DSC_1594 copy copy

Jay Dee came later to check out the photshoot.
She was late =P
Met Shaza there too.
Haven't seen her for quite some time.
Chatted with her.

DSC_1329 copy copy

Wrapped up around 6.30pm
Sent Swea Phin back as she has meeting
and headed off to Snowflake for dessert with Jay Dee.

DSC_1398 copy copy

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