Jul 7, 2009

Ice Age 3 :D

Dinner at Sushi Zanmai while the guys were lining up for tickets. Chocolate Parfait is love! <3 The queue was so long that when we finish our dinner, the guys came back only without the ticket cuz it was fully booked. Someone merajuk-ed so we girls went to buy tickets. Got the 5th row from the front and missed the first 5 minutes.

The movie was really hilarious. And at some part some bunch of idiots began to laugh like annoying hyenas at random times. Really annoying.

Guys acting cute. More to edwin actually :P
Wanted to go to AC for pool after that but it was really packed. So decided to try Racks. Full as well =\Bumped into Haziq, Shahir & Amir etc. The guys played foos while waiting for the table. But in the end we just went home. Everywhere's packed.

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