Jul 1, 2009

Scribbles in my mind


Fri (24/6/09)

Did a photoshoot at Ad Studio Solutions, Sunway Damansara with Soon Jun for our individual assignments. The rent for the studio was heartbreaking, but no doubt slightly cheaper compared to others. =\

The assignment is to superimpose 30 of ourselves into the picture, needed interactions as well. Changed outfits until I was outta my mind. Although my lecturer suggested 30 different outfits would be more unique. There's no way in the world that I can do all this in 2 hours plus =.= Changing takes up time and as well as positions. And again, rental is expensive ='(
So, some outfits were the same. Will upload the fully edited ones soon ;D

John dropped by for a while to test his new flash, diffuser and etc. After that, he went off to pick Amelia up. Helped Soon Jun to shoot his pictures as well. Finished about 3pm and we headed off to some mamak for late lunch. Then off to Desa Park City to help Amelia shoot her pictures. Soon Jun tagged along. The park is so niceeee... Alot of cute doggies there as well xD

Pagent girl holding katana =.=

John with his camera. Maggi cup ;P
DSC_0080 copy

Kena potong by John's arm and the guy at the back =.=
DSC_0081 copy

Chilling @ John's

New Zealand Natural for dessert =D
Headed off to Glad Tidings to watch Melody perform. She can dance. Keep it up babe :)


Bumped into Sean Bein at Glad Tidings.
Went back and KO around 2am. Urbanscapes's the next day :D

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