Dec 3, 2009

La Bodega

DSCF0619 copy
Had a lovely dinner with the parents last week. Although we sit through dinner everyday, I've been pretty much busy and never got much chance to really talk to them. Decided to head out to celebrate dad's bday. Being sick of the usual food, we decided to give Bangsar a try as we don't frequent there often. Finally settled for La Bodega :)

DSCF0630 copy
A pic with mom & dad

DSCF0632 copy
Tapas for starters

DSCF0637 copy
Dad's lamb shank

DSCF0634 copy
My cheeseburger. Om nom nom!
DSCF0638 copy
Mom's sliced lamb? The pinkish thing at the side is actually mashed potatoes. Looks kinda weird right? Was skeptical to taste it at first, we thought it was some weird food xD

DSCF0620 copy

DSCF0644 copy
Finally got to try Hoegarden! It's taste pretty good :D
It's a tie now between Heineken & Hoegarden!

DSCF0618 copy
The brother did not join us as he was preparing for SPM, so we brought back a club sandwich for him. Took a bite when I got home. It taste real good! Overall the food & atmosphere at La Bodega is great. Will definitely go back there in the near future :)

Enjoyed dinner and catching up with the parents. Happy Birthday again Daddy!


  1. Ooh have yet to try out that place, though heard alot of good reviews on the food.

    Lamb shank looks yummy!

    You look nice in your outfit. : )

    Missing you!

    (and i wished your dad happy bday on facebook. hahaha!)

  2. We should go there together :) My exams ends on dec 17. Must meet up soon! Miss u la <3



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