Mar 25, 2010

Why stay home this Saturday? Come out and have fun!

Instead of rotting for about an hour when you switch off the lights during Earth Hour, drop by Sunway Pyramid for some awesome rocking session at the main entrance!

In conjunction of Earth Hour 2010, Leo Club collaborated with Sunway Pyramid to bring you Battle of the Bands which will be held on March 27th, Saturday! Watch your favourite bands battle their hearts out and have an awesome time! Not forgetting giving them your support as well ;)

1. Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob
2. Mouse on Bikes
3. Kaki Dilemma
4. Elite X
5. Button 3
6. Weneedaname
7. One Red Paperclip
8. Wanted Symphony
9. Stalking Shannon
10. Apple Sauce

What are you waiting for?
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Earth Hour Malaysia

Won't be able to attend Earth Hour @ Sunway this weekend as I'll be going back to my hometown for Qing Ming =\

Sedihnya, have to miss the opportunity to shoot more band shots.

Anyway, to my friends from Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob - my support is with you all and rock on! ;)
Mesti menang ye :P

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