Apr 10, 2010

A paper bag full of jewels

Came back from the Too Hot 2 Handle Bazaar at Euphoria this afternoon. Went with Swea Phin & Amelia. The weather was pretty hot & humid as usual. Saw a few familiar faces there. Collected with Ladies VIP card which offers great benefits <3 It was pretty dark at the main room so it was hard to see the items that is for sale.Bought more accessories than clothes. Bought an adorable Domokun pin from House of Average. Saw this original turquoise Ray Ban which I fell in love with, but it was RM350...don't have so much moneyyyy :( Amelia bought this really cute mini disco ball for 10 bucks. Lunch at Kim Gary, continue shopping and bought a bag. Balik rumah. Will be missing the Kaskade tonight cuz the girls not free. 200 bucks gone in a day. Sighh..

Aku mau tido skrg! toodles ;)

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