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Jun 30, 2010

Kita Satu Flash Mob & Kita Satu Exhibition Launch

13th June, Sunday
In the comfy 28 seater bus heading off to Pavilion for the flash mob about 5pm!

Cayman & I

Chilling at the food court in Pavilion. Papa Beard vanilla cream puff is love!

Chilling at Expressamente Illy after the flash mob

17th June, Thursday
Left college about 8am for the launching of Kita Satu Exhibition. Early morning group photo in the bus :)

Had to go there early for rehearsals because of VIP attendance.
Everyone sang a bday song to me...haha. Thanks guys ;)

Breakfast at Istana Budaya. The food there is really affordable I must say. Kuey Tiao and some veg only cost RM2! After that we went to prepare for the launch as it was almost time.

A group picture after the launch.

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