Jun 1, 2010

Smashing June!

Oh my! It's June already, time passes in a blink of an eye. Just 2 months ago I completed my internship and is now in my final semester. Busy busy busy! is all I can say. Hence, the neglect of my blog.

Working on events, and a flashmob that is coming up this weekend. *fingers crossed*

Promotional activities for Kita The Musical, assignments, more projects! *kepala pusing*

My birthday is coming up too! Too bad it's clashing with an important event. Will celebrate it later then :)

Please let June be awesome! :)


Just a reminder that I'm working on a photography competition. The deadline is 10th of June. If you're interested you can view the previous post here

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  1. Surfing in June....perfect one too.

  2. hello june, and hello stress too T_T i dont like the mid year



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