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Jul 5, 2010

Urbanscapes 2010

The annual all day creative arts festival is back again! Held at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC), 26th June marks another significant day for all arts, music & fashion lovers out there.

Sharmayne, Cayman and I begin our day by leaving Subang at 10am and drove off to Sentul. But guess what, we got lost midway =\ Thank you Susanna for the rescue by my countless calls of direction. mwahs!

We reached KLPAC safely about 11.30am. It was still early and we managed to find parking inside :D Susanna wasn't there yet so we decided to walk around first. Bought the I love Subang badge at the Klue booth and also stopped by The Click Shop booth. They have so many cute lomo cameras there! Some even resemble a juice box :P

Sandwiches from Wondermilk! Bought the Tuna Melt. yum yum :)

As usual, the food and drinks sold during Urbanscapes are priced sky high. Coke = RM4
No choice but to buy them since the weather was crazy hot.
From left - Cayman, Susanna & Sharmayne.

Decor around the Tongue in Chic booth.

Love the vibrant colours ;D

Girls being girls, the first thing we went to was the Marketplace :P

Tons of stalls all over!

Bought a badge from LOZL - they have lots of cute handmade stuffs there :D

Spinning during the day

Decoration from Quirky Brown Cow. They were giving away free sweets too!

The other side of the Marketplace was pretty damp as it rained the previous day. A few cars got stuck in the mud. It was pretty hard to walk at that side as some places were wet and filled with mud. In the end, all of our shoes also got really dirty.

Project Angkat Rumah! Bravo to those who took part in this project.

Went to watch some music performance after shopping.

An Honest Mistake

Jillian at work!

Halfway, I got separated with the girls and bumped into Jay Dee, Jullian and Zahir.
Posing at the TIC booth xD

Love this!

Performers at the Project Angkat Rumah area. There were others performing short sketches and sing along sessions too.

Decided to head back to the KLPAC building again

Cayman :)

Meet up with Farah and off we go to the music lawn again.

Bet u guys know who this is already!

Yuna :)

Cayman, Sharmayne, Me, Shwu Mei, Susanna & Chloe

Stayed until the night and we were all dead tired by that time. Hung around the Sunset Disco area. Played with the lights.

Meet Pam & Mich there too!

Waited at Pentas 1 for the Rebel Scum etc to start but they weren't there after 20 minutes. So off we go for dinner as we were starving!

Awesome BKT and porridge!

Discovered weird tan lines when I got back. Even though I slapped on tons of sunblock, still :(
I will remember to bring an umbrella next year!

Overall, I prefer last years Urbanscapes as the line up of music was much better. But no doubt, I had fun with my friends :D


  1. Good photography I say! I wanted to go but darn lazy to drive XD

  2. thx :) can take lrt/ktm there too!

  3. admire ur photo skills! the place there really used some nice deco!

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings