Sep 20, 2010

Robot Sushi Grand Opening @ Sunway Pyramid

Attended Robot Sushi's Grand Opening last week. Thanks Melia for the invite :)
It was great meeting the team from Go Comm again. Haven't seen them since internship.

Met a few bloggers there. (clockwise) Feeq, Edwin, Amelia, Ewinee
*picture credits to Feeq*

Miso Soup.

Robot Sushi is a Japanese Restaurant & Bar which avoids the usual concept of a Japanese restaurant. Robot Sushi adds it's on modern and contemporary interior design which gives customers of more than just a typical dining place.

Forgotten what's this called. Probably grilled meat.

They have a wide selection of food for you to choose from and with unique names such as Avatar, Electric and Cosmo rolls. You can check out some of their dishes from the menu at Robot Sushi's website.

Salmon Sashimi.
The sashimi is the BOMB! haha. It's really fresh and practically melts in your mouth. 

Some of the rice and noodle dishes.

Pretty ladies promoting Robot Sushi's dishes.

Besides being a dining place, Robot Sushi is also a perfect chilling spot with your friends or colleagues. They have a DJ on set that will play different genres of music such as R&B and more during the night.

Robot Sushi offers both alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks ranging from Mocktails, Cocktails, Beer, Wine, Whisky, Sake, soft drinks and some imported Japanese canned drinks.

Robot Sushi has different daily promotions which customers can enjoy from. They offer 50% off all Sushi on Tuesdays! You can check out their Facebook page for more daily promos.

Robot Sushi is located at:
OB3.LG2.1B, Lower ground 2,
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/145, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
(Blue Atrium - near Jusco, opposite J.CO Doughnuts)
Tel: 03-56221343
Opens daily: 10am - 1am


  1. The sushi looks nice..haha btw, i dun c any robot there.hahaha

  2. looks delicious.

    I worked with the go comm people once, for YES2009.

  3. Aww!! so awesome
    I am gonna try it LOL

  4. @k~^|n -'s the name xD too bad no real robot. lol

    @nana - really? cool. such a small world. haha

    @adrian - yep. go try it someday :)

  5. You just reminded me. I've not eaten jap food in awhile. Shall go grab some nom soon!

  6. omgggg salmon sashimi *drools*

    gonna try it out soon! :D

  7. it's like a half bar half sushi huh? cool!

  8. @Jan - nice. I'll never get bored with Jap food xD

    @Hilda Milda - YES! do go and try it out! the sashimi is awesome :P

    @~J'@nn~ - yep, it's half bar half sushi :D



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