Oct 18, 2010


It's been long since I bought some books to read. So much for encouraging reading culture, the books sold here are freaking expensive. *pfft*

To fill in my current free time, reading would be something useful to spend my time with instead of facing the computer by aimlessly surfing the net or streaming shows from the net. Heck, I've been loosing touch with lots of Kdramas and music for the past month during the duration of my laptop being fixed AGAIN. Seriously, I need a new laptop. rawr. But changes is good, instead of fixating on my daily dose of entertainment, now I need to find something else to focus on.

Currently engrossed with Dan Brown's latest book titled The Lost Symbol, personally love all his books except Digital Fortress which was boring to me. The weather's so hot that I actually fell asleep while reading. *rushes to refill iced water*


  1. haha..ive read digital fortress..=D..yeah!! its super hot!!omg..*faint*

  2. The lost symbol's cool... but the weather's not...

  3. Try books by cecelia ahern or jodi picoult as well, they write good books (:

  4. read some of cecelia ahern's before :)
    jodi picoult's not my cup of tea somehow.

  5. Been a long time since i picked up a good book =(



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