Oct 9, 2010

Boss Bottled Night presents LOUD@Zouk KL

Was invited to the launch of Hugo Boss new fragrance - Boss Bottled Night at Zouk two weeks back. Thank you MYC! for the invites :)
Me, Amelia, Edwin & Derek

Ryan Reynolds is the new face for the Boss Bottled Night.

After the launch and speech, a jazz performance was up. The songs were soothing and chilling. Gotta give props to the Hugo Boss management team on relating the product and the event.

Dress code for the night - Black!

The Chan Brothers - Edwin, Derek and Kenneth
Thanks Kenneth for the event pictures above :)

Amelia & Me.
 Love my Liese Sweet Pink hair colour here. Looks nice with flash xD

Stayed on for the after party after the launch ended. Went around Barsonic and Velvet and had an awesome possum night!

I really love the smell of Hugo Boss new fragrance, Boss Bottled Night. It has a woody sweet scent which I like! Compared to the heavy fragrance that my dad uses, I totally dig the Boss Bottled Night because of it light and sweet scent. Spares me from the headache xD


  1. You're the BOSS, Hugo Boss...

  2. awww...I love fragrance too...hehe

  3. @shazat - lol
    @Teh Tarik - ohhh..would've prob bump into you if you were there xD
    @eve - yep yep :) it's smells nice xD

  4. I like the smell of hugo boss perfume too, btw nice dress you're wearing there (:

  5. @cereal - thx babe! :)
    @hilda milda - yeah, it shall be included in my good perfume for men list xD thx!

  6. wow! i should go try the smell next time! =D



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