Oct 22, 2010

Can I has a Blackberry Torch 9800?

Before the existence of broadband, GPRS and 3G, we could only rely on land-line connection that would take forever and also cost a bomb. Everything you do had a limited amount of time and space because your parents will constantly ask you to get off the land-line as it disrupts incoming and outgoing calls. Back then, everyone must have felt frustrated just like....
being trapped in a box.

As technology advanced with the existence of high speed broadband and mobile internet, our generation is becoming more saturated with many social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, just to name a few. Almost everyday, we're on the internet replying emails, paying bills and watching videos with just a click on our computer or mobile. Technology has made everything so easy for us.

Celcom will be launching the latest model of Blackberry called Blackberry Torch 9800 on this 29th October.
Ever since my dad got a Blackberry a few years back, I've fallen heads over heels over it as the QWERTY keypad is so easy to type and everything you need is within your reach. What I love most is the Blackberry Messenger!
The BBM is an instant messaging app exclusively for Blackberry owners to keep in touch with. That way, you can keep in touch with your friends who also owns a Blackberry anytime and anywhere! Yes you heard it right, the BBM functions internationally where you can keep it touch with your contacts overseas!
I also love the fact that Blackberry allows you to sync your emails which enables you to receive emails from personal or business contacts 24/7 without fail. Attachments on email can also be opened.

With the new and improved model of Blackberry, the latest Torch 9800 offers many new exciting features for users to discover. The Blackberry Torch 9800 is the first smartphone with a Blackberry keyboard and also a 3.2 inch touch screen. What I like about this new Blackberry is that you'll be able to slide the Blackberrt keyboard open or close depending on when you want to use it. It looks cool with the slide function that makes the new Blackberry Torch 9800 look sleek and sexy!

Other awesome features which includes:
 The Blackberry Torch 9800 memory is expendable up to 32GB with a microSD card. Sounds great! I would be able to store lots of music, files, videos and also capture more pictures with the amount of memory space I have in the Blackberry!
 Even better, this would be another favourite feature of mine from the Blackberry Torch 9800! A 5 megapixel camera that comes with an in-built flash, continuous auto-focus and image stabilization! To get creative, there's also 11 photo modes to play around with! I'll also be able to record videos at ease. Talk about spontaneous pictures and fun adventures! :)
Taking pretty pictures makes me happy! Photo taken using my 2MP mobile camera.

 Blackberry Torch offers intergrated socialfeeds where you can update a single post to different social networks you're connected to. Besides that, you can also view your social network feeds in one platform. Simple and easy!

Of course, everyone will be thinking of which service providers to choose as data and call plans are not cheap! Celcom offers the fastest, widest and clearest mobile network that will keep you connected 365 days. Celcom is Malaysia's No.1 Blackberry provider with the best plans and also Blackberry smartphones. Check out Celcom's Exec 50 plans which offers up to 30% discount off you phone bill every month!
As a student, I feel the rates in this plan is relatively cheap compared to the others. Every month, I'll just need to pay a monthly fee of RM50 and add on the total cost for calls, sms and data usage. The more you use, the more you save! Further information about the rates can be checked here.

The first 100 customers to pre-register and purchase the new Blackberry Torch 9800 will get to enjoy FREE:
- Jabra Bluetooth Headset worth RM125
- 8GB Micro SD Card worth RM68
- Energizer Portable worth RM58
Next 1000 customers will get a FREE limited edition Blackberry Torch Battery Door.
That's not all! Celcom is also offering amazing deals at the launch of the Blackberry Torch 9800 on the 29th of October! This promotion is ONLY offered on the day of the event! Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to get awesome deals for your Blackberry Torch! There will also be other fun activities, prizes and giveaways on that day.

To pre-register and purchase the Blackberry Torch 9800, click here.
For more information about Celcom postpaid plans, click here.

Celcom Exec - Absolutely Simple :)


  1. good luck babe! :D

  2. no offence, but there is a grammatical error in ur title.
    it's supposed to be "can have" instead of "can has". After "can" has to be a root word.


  3. Hey 0004, thanks for correcting but it's actually done on purpose :)
    Thanks for the wishes!

  4. rm50 is quite hefty compared to prepaid lah

  5. good luck in getting BB 9800 ya! :D

  6. alvinontherocks.comOctober 27, 2010 at 11:12 PM

    Good luck for the competition :)



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