Oct 11, 2010

甜品哥哥 Dessert Brothers Hong Kong, SS15 Subang Jaya

 Another dessert shop is the latest addition to SS15 Subang Jaya!甜品哥哥 pronounced Tin Pan Gor Gor (cantonese) is a new Hong Kong dessert shop which was recently opened (their 3rd outlet). Dessert Brothers is located at the same row as Snowflake, decided to try out something new as Snowflake has been my constant dessert place.

Dessert Brother's menu has a wide variety which made me undecided on what to try out first. Looked through and saw lots of mango infused dessert so I guess it must be their specialities.
 芒果肠分, Mango Rolls - RM8
Decided to order the mango rolls as it intrigued me on what it really taste like. It assembles the typical Chee Cheong Fun but with mango syrup and also wrapped with mango. At first I thought they wrapped the mango with tau foo fah but the staff said it's some coconut thingy. So far, this is my favourite :D

芒果椰汁黑米, Black Glutinous Rice with Mango Coconut Milk - RM8.50
 The taste of the glutinous rice and coconut milk is ok but tasting if along with the mango, I felt it tasted pretty weird as the sweetness of the mango and the rest doesn't match really well.

芝麻糊+汤丸, Black Sesame Sweet Soup + Sweet Rice Balls - RM7
The soup is actually more like a paste and there's a thick plus heavy black sesame taste to it which I was overwhelmed with. Black sesame is not my favourite but surprisingly I only like the black sesame rice balls, whereas the soup is just meh...

椰果西米楼, Sago with Nata de Coco - RM5.50
Pretty alright for a thirst quencher as it's not too sweet and the Nata de Coco blends well with the dessert.

Customer Service: 7/10
Ambiance: 6/10
Food: 6/10
Price: 5/10

The desserts are pretty pricey, it can go up to about RM13 for those with better ingredients such as the 雪哈 (xuet kap) or also known as Hasma. Overall, the desserts that I've tried above are so-so, but will definitely pay them another visit as some of the dessert looks pretty interesting.

甜品哥哥 Hong Kong / Dessert Brothers is located at:
57, Jalan SS15/8A,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Tel: 03-56323204

They also have other branches in Kepong and PJ SS2.


  1. i like the 芝麻糊 with 汤圆!!! >.<

  2. the food looks so delicious =P

  3. @feather - hehe. I only like the tong yun. the 芝麻糊 is too heavy for my liking.

    @haoyi - you should try the dessert one day :)

  4. A good place to chill with friends on a hot day ;)

  5. wah... nice but if this shop comes to Muar...sure tak laku one..

  6. *drools*
    this is so nice!!!!!!!
    i'm so going there.

    *drools again*

  7. All of them look so attractive to me !! Wish to try them soon ~=D

  8. The dessert really taste so so only but the Durian Pandan quite nice la.

    Maybe I can try 芒果肠分 next time.. lol!! The pricing slightly high for the quality of the food. ><

  9. Aiks, you're making me slurps.. =)

  10. @John -lol
    @Chris - definitely!
    @Ronnie - of cuz le. it'll be considered very expensive there.
    @Yee & Celeste - hahah..do try the Watermelon 西米露
    @Bendan - ohh..shall try that next time. yep, it's pretty costly actually.
    @J'@nn & Jlean - do go there and try out their dessert :)

  11. is it better than the branch in ss2? lol!

  12. @Henry - not sure. never try the dessert there before :)

  13. is okay! thanks for sharing! it would be nearer for me to go ss15 rather than ss2! haha

  14. Hi Chuen,
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on JoinMe.com.my, thanks.



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