Oct 4, 2010

Of shoes and random updates

Guess what appeared on my doorstep this afternoon?!
My new Rock & Roll black chain peep toe wedges! rawr!

Bought it from The Kooky Thing at RM60. Have been eying this for some time and managed to grab the last pair after they restocked it. Love the fact that it's so light and comfy to walk around with :D

Can't wait to wear it out soon! ^^

Imma happy girl ;D

Have been busy working for the past few weeks. So here's a short recap and some pretty pictures :P

Decorated the front gate with lanterns during the Mid Autumn Festival.

My unglam makan face. Me and Sharmayne goofing around while waiting for time to past. We were the early birds reaching work at 8am when work starts at 9pm. Amelia and the rest will arrive only at 9am. Had makan sessions in the morning. This is why I will never loose weight. sigh.

Chee Cheong Fun @ SS17

Lunch at KimchiHaru and Monster Bites in Jaya One at different days. (I'm not a glutton okay!)

Mini Donuts from Big Apple!

Sharmayne's Omega egg on toast from Tappers.

English breakfast set @ Tappers.

That's all for now! Toodles :)


  1. wahhh! suddenly so hungry liao! torturer! =P

  2. nice chee cheong fun... and those shoes... aikz.. dun accidentally step my feet ya...

  3. Is the food at kimchiharu expensive?

  4. @Kian Fai - hehehe :P

    @Ronnie - lol...it's wedges so it won't hurt as much as heels.

    @Hilda - it's okay, depends on what u order. I always go there for lunch because they have promotion. Less than RM20 or more depending on what you choose :)

  5. aw~~!! u're a shoe-a-holic too! those shoes are mad love, nowadays I'm always on the look out for really edgy different shoes. the higher the heels the better!

  6. i went to Tappers for many times. Not bad there. but never been to Kimchiharu..lol

  7. @Cereal - yep! I went mad when I saw those shoes xD recently turned into a shoe & bag-a-holic.

    @kevin - try their lunch promo :) available from 11.30 to 2.30pm i think.

  8. Chuen...The Kooky Thing...where's the place...wanna go there la...

  9. @shazat - lol..The Kooky Thing is an online blogshop xD



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