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Nov 9, 2010

The Bread Shop @ Bukit Damansara (Damansara Heights)

A sunny Saturday afternoon was spent lazing at home so I decided to head out to The Bread Shop at Damansara Heights with the parents.

Greeted by a quaint and comfy environment, The Bread Shop was occupied by the time we got there as there were not many tables. Ordered our food and sat at the corner while waiting for a table to be available which would be more convenient since we're sharing the pastries and breads.

Cafe Latte, RM7.80 / Ice Chocolate, RM8.80
The Bread Shop is an ideal place for an afternoon tea to catch up with friends or just to relax and have a moment of peace from the hectic days.

Emmy Cubic top and Soak Republic headband

Chocolate Danish, RM5.80
Crispy danish filled with a thin layer of chocolate. Some might say it's too little but it's perfect for me as too much chocolate will be very filling. The chocolate is not overly sweet which does not overpower the taste of the danish.

BB Pudding (Bread & Butter Pudding), RM5.80 / Custard Almond, RM3.80
First time trying the Bread and Butter Pudding. Very jakun right? I know.... Anyway I loved it! The thick layer of pudding underneath the crispy pastry was soft and fluffy when eaten *nomz* The custard almond is almost similar like the custard cream donut from LeVain but the custard is not as much which is a pretty good thing if you're health conscious :)

Plain scones, RM3.80 (RM1.90 each) / Cream, RM1 / Jam, RM2
The jam is yummy but I find it ridiculous that they charge extra for the cream and jam. Oh well...I personally prefer the scones up in Cameron Highlands :)

Smoked Chicken and Basil Tomato Sandwich, RM15.80
Tasted pretty much like lasagna or my dad's spaghetti sauce except without the cheese. Nothing to shout about but it's a healthy meal with smoked chicken, tomato and a salad at the side.

Overall, The Bread Shop is another good bakery with their fresh and quality bread though there were not many choice on the menu except for sandwiches. I find the items pretty pricey as well with all the those pastires, sandwiches and drinks the total was about RM70++. Might drop by there once in a while. They have very friendly service and lots of people drop by to buy loafs of bread back home.

The Bread Shop is located at
11 Jalan Setiakasih 5,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-20938734


  1. They should definitely not charge for the jam! *sigh! makes it so not classy. Pastries look good though :)

  2. Envy of you that you have the free time to go all over KL to try out bread shops, so cool :D I like yr top btw.

  3. nice place indeed.. im still hungry although i jsut ate pizza

  4. I like to eat bread ^^ those bread with icing must be nice...

  5. hahah cuz I'm on hols now so I'm quite free :)
    Thanks :)

  6. Thanks :)
    It's from Soak Republic, they sell nice accessories there.

  7. wooo... looks so delicious... <3
    i always love bread shop that makes really fresh, unique n delicious menus :)

    muchas luvas, wawa~*

  8. wow! all looks delicious! now I wanted bread!

  9. next time bring me there okies

  10. take a break there is quite nice...

  11. The chocolate danish and custard almond look good! *drools* :D

  12. The cafe latte and the other food looks very nice! shall go and try sometimes LOL

  13. Hmmmm....the name of the shop is as simple as that. Haha
    Where is Damansara Heights by the way, LOL