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Dec 4, 2010

Halloween @ Cameron Highlands

It was a 2 days 1 night trip up to Cameron Highlands on Saturday, the day before Halloween. Left KL about 10 in the morning and finally reached Cameron about 2pm. It was congested at Brinchang area, took us more than an hour to reach to Tanah Rata.

We were greeted by the cold and misty weather at Cameron Highlands.

After checking in to the rented apartments, we headed off for lunch at T Cafe, one of my favourite places to eat in Cameron Highlands. It's next to Maryland. The scones are awesome :)

Busy chomping down the food due to extreme hungry after hours in the car :P

Some of us :)

Walked around Tanah Rata after late lunch and retreated back to the apartment to rest after a long drive.

The bed in the apartment was pretty dusty and due to my sensitive nose, I got down with flu =.= It's not fun at all to fall sick when you're on a holiday.

Steamboat for dinner in Tanah Rata. There is this whole bunch of steamboat shop at the back of the bank area so we just randomly chose one.

After dinner, went to Starbucks for a hot cup of Creme Brulee Macchiato to ease the flu and chilled around with the cool weather. Some of them headed back to the apartment to start the booze and game session.

Woke up early and decided to go for a morning walk around the apartment and Tanah Rata. Breakfast at the mamak and bought some Cameron tea.

Me and Sharmayne. My nose is red like Rudolph.

Pretty flowers :)

Wanted to visit the Boh Tea Plantation with the breathtaking view but we ended up at the wrong place =\
It wind was strong and we were freezing.

After tea, all of us climb up to the viewpoint. The journey up was killing...lack of exercise. lol. But once we reached up we were happy because the view is nice too!

Playing games on the viewpoint.

Scenery from the viewpoint :D


  1. Nice scenery :D And I like what you're wearing!

  2. For years since I last went to cameron...the view there is still nice....
    And nice photos too =D

  3. gosh cameron highlands is beautiful.

  4. I went there when I was a kid. that too was blurry ;p neat photos btw^^

  5. wow.. i went thr last month.. stayed at the same apartment too.. lol
    btw, i didnt manage to try the steamboat.. :'(

  6. I stayed at that place to during my last trip ! I remember it was for a school trip >.< Haha ~ And the food at this T cafe looks good too ! Shall check it out when i go back there =)

    Nice photos btw =)

  7. I miss cameron highlands.. haha, a very nice place...

  8. the way to cameron is tiring shit!! sit in car 4 hours. got my flat buttocks when i reach up hill.

  9. yeah..its getting more congested esp during school hols. Go and visit while u hv the chance :D
    Thanks :)

  10. ohh. then you should visit Cameron's again. Enjoy the cold fresh air :D

  11. ohh...there's quite a number of steamboat shops around Cameron. What did u eat then? :)

  12. Try the scones at T-Cafe esp the strawberry scone :) Its yummy!

  13. hahaha...took us about 5-6 hrs to get up there cuz of the jam =.= really leg cramp and butt pain!

  14. pretty nice..i going on christmas too.. sure terrible jam d..

  15. omg the breakfast is freakin awesome!