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Dec 30, 2010

Jogoya with Inniters @ Starhill Gallery, KL

Went to Jogoya a few weeks back with a few bloggers for a get-together and a makan session :)
Girls had half price discount so you can eat all you want!

Sushi, sashimi, oysters and many more food are available at Jogoya. There are even Western and Chinese food.

Took a plate a sashimi and nomz it down :D

Forgotten what dish is this called cause I was busy eating :P



Linguine Cheese Crab

Though I enjoyed my sashimi, the standard of food had obviously dropped from the last time I visited Jogoya :( After the main course we had desserts! I think I ate about 5 scoops of ice cream? :P Haagen Dazs and New Zealand nom nom (^.^)V

Wore my Nordic printed top from Bluey Joyce to liven up the Christmas mood :)
Glossy Addiction studded bag and Oh Popsicles! studded shoes.

Oh..almost forgotten about this. I took the KTM to KL and when I was talking to the train station with with my earphones on listening to music...this taxi uncle went and said 'ya..pakai terang-terang' wtf  =.=

Picture with the girls after dinner.

Camwhored with Tikkos, Xing, YY, Jessica and Jackie

YY and Jackie left after dinner and the rest of us walked outside Pavilion area to take a few pics for fun.
Jessica & Xing

Chilled at Starbucks before heading home. Thanks Tikkos for sending me back :)

Group pic!


  1. Hehe! I knew I saw that top somewhere! :D Thought of buying it as well but it was sold out~

  2. starving starving starving he3...

  3. i like ur nordic printed top!!!! <3<3<3 i wore nordic poncho on christmas too! christmas seems to be the best time to wear nordic~<3

  4. I wanna hang out with you! you go to the yummiest places! :D

  5. Nice gathering you got there. You had a chance to meet many famous bloggers!

  6. This post is long overdue. What does "pakai terang-terang" mean?

  7. thanks! wow..did u take a pic? :D yeah nordic tops are fun to wear during xmas period!

  8. time if there's a gathering with blogger you can join :D

  9. haha yeah i know. but no harm posting it still :)
    It means dressing brightly. haha.

  10. Need to get my hands on the sashimi! ;) droolzzzzz

  11. What does the taxi driver meant by pakai terang terang? :P I don't get it hehe

  12. Yea , whaat is the pakai pakai terang means ? i dont get it too . =D Btw , nice gathering . hehe =D

  13. Yea , what is the pakai pakai terang means ? i dont get it too . =D Btw , nice gathering . hehe =D

  14. awww..t hat's nice hanging out and taking pics.. like ur food pics!!

  15. I've tried a few of Jogoya dishes the other day. There's a suggestion that a few are unpalatable? lol

  16. hahha..i think he was commenting on my and all xD

  17. thanks :) i think he meant about my bright clothings? very festival/christmas thing cuz i'm the only one dressingn like that xD lol

  18. hahah yea..its like they try to make it fushion style but somehow it ended up tasting weird.

  19. very very good gathering... oh well..