Dec 13, 2010

Sunday @ Snowflake, SS15 Subang Jaya

It all started when I checked into FourSquare and Tracey & Kian Fai found out that we live in the same area thus we planned to meet up! Finally, we decided to meet last Sunday noon!

Thank goodness Tracey suggested Snowflake it not we'll be melting away as the weather was SUPER hot :P Plus, Kian Fai have not been to Snowflake so it's about time he set foot in there. hehe!

I found out that I forgotten to bring out my digicam and therefore I had to rely on my 5mp BlackBerry camera T.T

Snowflake Bestseller, RM6

Sea Amber Jelly, RM6

Was pretty nervous before meeting them but we greeted each other like old friends and it wasn't awkward at all :) First time meeting Tracey and 2nd time meeting Kian Fai. Met Kian Fai for less than 10 secs at the Xplay event at Library previously.

leng lui Tracey & Me
Me & Kian Fai
Kian Fai & Tracey

Had a great time talking to time talking to them and it is fun meeting new people :D
We shall plan for our next yamcha session! haha...


  1. I miss chewing taro balls :3

  2. ah!! kianfai kor was there too!!!!

  3. It doesn't look like a snowflake. Is it sweet?

  4. wah.. how come im not invited.. sien liao.. :(

  5. omg, i like chewing the taro ball ><

  6. Let's call it Subang Jaya Blogger Gathering XD Li Chuen and Tracey both of them really look like Snow White hahahah =P Snowflake Best-Seller is nice, nice to chewing those "ball".

  7. Small gathering.. so secretly, huh? Haha!! XD

  8. I want that taro balls. hehe Seriously miss it.

  9. I love meeting new people too! Miss that nervous yet excited feeling!

  10. lol..don't be sad. see you at Jogoya on thurs!

  11. ahahha..small one only. Join us next time :)



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