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Dec 16, 2010

TRON: Legacy

Went to watch TRON: Legacy premiere screening yesterday as I won tickets from KLue!
The premiere was at 1 Utama and it took me and my mom almost half an hour to find a parking spot. cis!

I didn't know that TRON: Legacy is actually a sequel. I should go and watch the first one soon!
Sam Flynn has been haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his father Kevin Flynn, who is the former CEO of ENCOM. His father has been missing for 20 years.

One night, an old friend of Kevin, Alan Bradley asks Sam to investigate a mysterious page which he got from Kevin originating from the abandoned Flynn's Arcade. 

Sam searched the arcade and did not find any clues. When he was about to leave, he saw the TRON game machine and remembered something that his father told him when he was young.

He found his father's work base underground and got transported into the digital world.

Beau Garett as Gem. She looks hot! haha..

The gladiator style disc game.

At first, I thought 'wow..Sam's father didn't aged at all!' until he said 'I'm not your father, Sam. But I'm happy to see you Sam,' eh? He's actually Clu, a digital clone of Kevin to help him create a perfect world. The antogonist xD

The fighting scenes were pretty intense and exhilarating. Love the effects :D

The real Kevin Flynn! He reminds me of the Jedi Master with the Zen thing going on though. lol...

Olivia Wilde as Quorra. Her eyes are huge! Which makes her makeup looks kinda scary on her.

Castor/Zuse. The most animated character in the movie. Seriously, everyone's dialogues were really boring or monotonous in the movie. Zuse cracked me up with his antics.

Guess who? It's Daft Punk! They are the DJ's in the club scene. And they are also the people behind the soundtrack/film score for TRON: Legacy. woots!

Check out one of their songs in the video above :)

All the transportation in TRON: Legacy are really sleek and advanced! Can I have one?

Kevin Flynn's house. Really awesome! Love the interior.

It seems that 3D movies are 'in' right now. But I watched it in 2D version. Love the effects and cinematography but the storyline is pretty boring.

I rate this show 6/10


  1. Wow, should hv watch it yesterday. LOL!!

  2. pics look rather cool

  3. I have the original computer game but I never installed before. Fuahh, now got movie already!

  4. Zuse is like Johnny Depp as the Mad hatter in Alive in Wonderland right??

    their graphics & scoring are awesome!! ;D

    I also went there yesterday! :)

  5. the trailer damn cool.aiks wanna watch thisXD