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Jan 6, 2011

Da Sa Rang @ SS15, Subang Jaya

The cousin, Regina came over last weekend and we decided catch up over dinner. Went over to SS15 for Korean food at Da Sa Rang which is located above McD.
Da Sa Rang @ SS15 Da Sa Rang @ SS15
It was a pretty quite day at Subang and the roads were smooth as it was the first day of 2011. I guess everyone headed off to KL.

Da Sa Rang @ SS15
Ordered and patiently waited for our food which took some time to prepare.

Side Dishes
Luckily for the complimentary side dishes that Korean restaurants always serve before meal, we got to fill in our stomach a little instead of waiting for our food with an empty, growling stomach :P

Kimchi Jeon Gol 
Kimchi Jeong Gol, RM40. It's kimchi soup with toufu, meat, dukbokki (rice cake), glass noodles and veggies. The pot was pretty huge, good enough for 3 person. Me and my cousin ordered this with bap (rice) and it proved to be to much for us. In the end, we're so stuffed! Should've go without the bap but the Kimchi Jeong Gol is awesome :D

Samgyeopsal, RM27. I love korean restaurants because you always get to fry/bbq the beef yourself, but I was pretty disappointed this time because they cooked this in the kitchen for us :(

I guess if you order more meat or come with more people then they'll let you use the stove? With 2 person, perhaps they'll save more electricity and gas by cooking the beef in the kitchen. And you'll have to order at least 2 sets of samgyeopsal to get the lettuce to wrap it with. It you order just one, they won't provide you the lettuce. thanks, I'll just enjoy my kimchi jeon gol and samgyeopsal. pfft.

Da Sa Rang @ SS15 Da Sa Rang @ SS15
Having a hearty meal! We were so stuffed at the end of our meal that I've forgotten to take a pic with my cousin.
T_T time~

Da Sa Rang's Kimchi Jeon Gol is highly recommended. The service is pretty alright, not to say very good either because it's hard to call a waiter when you need them but they are friendly. The environment at Da Sa Rang is pretty cosy. At the end of your meal, they will serve a complimentary serving of watermelon (1 person 1 slice) and a sweet drink which I'm not sure what it's called but it was pretty refreshing for after meals :)

Da Sa Rang is located at
Lot 82, Jalan SS15/4D,
Subang Jaya,
(Above McD)


  1. I like the way they serve those little dishes on little plates. So many and so cute!

  2. these days i been loving korean things, like drama , idol, music and food too. awesome pictures

  3. Samgyeopsal is so loved! hahahaha.. I love Korean food by the way. Coincidently, I too blogged about Korea at my blog ahahaha.. feeel free to view & comment.

    dropping by from innit~

  4. nice pics and nice food and nice model.. seem like everything nice about ur post !..

  5. So many appetizers! And the place looks so quiet and nice :) Great pictures...once again!

  6. Looks nice! OMG kimchi jeong gol look so nice :D and huge and many o.o

  7. i love korean food too. and i love to bbq the meat myself too usually hehe :)

  8. Giler la chuen.. I like ur photography :)

  9. lord, looks delicious! i'm so hungry right now, thanks to you!;-P

  10. nyam nyam i loveeeeee korean bbq~~

  11. Only thing I dislike about them is that sometimes they can be stingy on the side dishes. :/
    The last time I went there they wouldn't allow me for refill pfft!

  12. i miss this food and i miss mummy, sister, brother and all of my fri.(Tai Yang) Mr. Thutamyintoo