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Jan 1, 2011

Looking back....

2010 has been one hell of a year of filled with hardships, self discovery and fun times with close ones.
Went for internship from Jan to March. Glad to have my met my awesome mentor Michelle and teammate Anne, not forgetting colleagues from Go Comm. Internship has formed me into a more determined person and also taught me to set my priorities straight which I also have other areas that I need to improve on. Definitely glad for the experience and working opportunity.
Celebrating the best friend's birthday at Twenty One, Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Spreading my Urbanscapes madness to a few more friends who accompanied me along to the event :)

May onwards was a hectic period because it was my final semester and we had to do various events.
Promotion for KITA The Musical with flash mobs and contests.

Final project for Event Management and CSR class. All the hard work and sweat poured in and we made it!

A visit the zoo with the classmates to write an article for Feature Writing class.

After all the stressed up times, we found it hard to believe that we're already at the end of our course. It's funny how some of us only got closer towards the end of the semester but it's a great thing. Missing those who're in the UK studying now.

Hanging out with the babes at The Bee. Chilli cheese fries <3

Lizzie's farewell as she was furthering her studies at Hertfordshire,UK.

Doing crazy things like queuing up for Uniqlo's opening at 6.30am....

Started food blogging since I had more time now and I LOVE food :D
Trip up to Cameron's with friends during Halloween. Fell sick when I went up there =.=

Dressing up for the XPlay event at Library.

There's so many great stuff that happened in 2010 (which I'm lazy not able to fit all in this post...) and I'm truly grateful for it. I actually abandoned my blog for some time since last year due to college and assignments but I'm glad that I can update more now and had gained readers too, which I'm happy of :) Met some fun people from Innit!

One of my disappointments is that I wasn't able to further my studies at Hertfordshire for my degree but I believe that a door closed will open more opportunities for me in 2011. I'll be doing my degree in Taylor's Lakeside Campus and hope it'll be a great one :)

Looking forward to 2011! Happy New Year :D
New year, new chapter!


  1. You had a preety good year!haha happy new year!

  2. Great year, 2011 will be better!! hopefully I'll be in your photo this year~ *wink*

    Haha.. jk!! Happy new year ya~ XD

  3. Happy New Year too! =)

  4. Happy New Year to you :) Wishing you have a better year in 2011! Lets Rock 2011!~

  5. Happy and A Merry New Year!!Chuen!

  6. my blog's turning into a food blog too. every post related to food. hahha. we humans don't seem to have resistance for great food right? anyway. have a great year ahead. bye :D