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Feb 23, 2011

CNY Lou Sang with Inniters @ Sri Melaka, One Utama

CNY is over and I haven't blogged about so many things during CNY. Been lazy :P 
This is a delayed post and a short recap just to share with everyone :)
Kudos to Xing for organizing the Lou Sang session with us inniters on 28th of Jan! About 30+ of us attended and we filled about 4 tables in Sri Melaka.

I was in the first table among those who arrived in Sri Melaka and we ordered our meal as we were starving!
While waiting for our food, everyone was going around to different tables for photos, chit chat etc. 

Lou Sang session starts!

Disasterous lou sang at the other table xD

The whole bunch of us! (some left already)
From top left: 
Jackie, Glam, Simon, Yy, Melissa, Cayenne, Carmen, Yeeing, Kahmon, Nana, Jessy
Edwin, Jia Yeen, Labii, Sherry, Stephanie, Xing, Qi Wen,

*Some pictures are credits to

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