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Mar 23, 2011

Sucker Punch Premiere Screening @ 1 Utama

 When I saw the trailer for Sucker Punch, I wasn't expecting much from it. A bunch of hot girls with kick ass scenes?

Thanks to Tony for inviting and also Nuffnang :)

 The tickets given out were pretty cool! It's a 6 paged fold up with Sucker Punch graphics on it :)

*picture credits to Henry*
A bunch of us had dinner at Zanmai before the movie
Henry, Carmen, Kian Fai, Elwyn, Me, Tony, Jayren, Baoly, Xing and Bernard.

 A picture with Carmen.

Bernard getting all hyped up for the movie!

*picture credits to Carmen*
Group pic during ticket collection. Not everyone was there as others were still eating :)

Honestly, after the movie I had no words to describe this show. The cinematography style is very Sin City or 300 like esp with the colour tones. Basically the story is about her and the friends trying to escape and gain freedom...girl power stuff. Guys would love the shows because there is HOT CHICKS. duh! When Babydoll dances, she'll go to her fantasy world where the scenes are very surreal like in a 3D game. Those fantasy battle scenes are missions they go on to get the items to help them escape. 

I rate this 5/10.
Because I was half confused and the storyline was meh...


  1. Definitely Awesome movie for most of the guys who wanna wash their eye XD!

  2. Wow is it really like inception? :P

  3. nice meeting up for the movie, let's hope there is many more in the future!
    I find the movie ok la, coz of the chicks! Wahahaha