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Jul 20, 2011

Glam up @ Clinique Star Tour 2011!

Thanks to Avante and Clinique, I was invited to get a makeover at Clinique Star Tour during their stop at Sunway Pyramid earlier this month.

I was there at 11am and was surprised to some changes at the Clinique Star Tour this year! The space in the mobile truck is bigger and there is more makeup counter this year :)

First thing they will do is to tone and moisturize your face. There's no need to wear any makeup since you're getting a makeover!
Different types of foundation to suit the skin tone. Instead of choosing from 2 different looks like last year, this year's Clinique Star Tour makeover focuses on a more natural and fresh makeup to suit our skin.

After toner and moisturizer, it's foundation and concealer to cover zits and balance the skin tone :) Then its eyeliner, blusher, mascara etc!

While I'm already done with my makeover, went over to Amelia's side who just got started with her makeup.
Yes, I use both DSLR and digital camera :P

Hair styling comes after the makeup session.

When you're all prepped and ready, it's time for your photoshoot! Not to worry as the photographer will guide you on how to pose :)

Friendly Clinique Star Tour staffs to give you a star makeover!

Katherine, the makeup artist who did my makeup :)

If you're interested, Clinique products are available for sale on that day too! I absolutely love their Twice A Day Exfoliator (toner) and Moisture Surge moisturizer :)

A picture from my photoshoot.

The makeup products used here are:
1. Clinique Foundation: Perfectly Real (worth RM115)
2. Clinique Concealer: Airbrush (worth RM75)
3. Clinique Powder: Blended Face Powder (worth RM105)
4. Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad in Plum Seduction (worth RM105)
5. Quickliner for Eyes in Really Black (worth RM68)
6. Fresh Bloom All Over Colour in Peony (worth RM115)
7. Vitamin C Lip Smoothie Antioxidant Lip Colour in Berry Boost (worth RM66)

Are your jaws dropping looking at the price of the products? Don't worry, you only need to pay RM35 to get a makeover at Clinique Tour Tour using all these products! Only RM35! RM35 is really worth it with the quality makeup u use and besides that, have you ever heard of any makeover that costs only RM35 which includes hair styling?
The best part is, you also get to bring back a goodie bag worth about RM130 which includes:

1. CLEO magazine
2. Miko Galere voucher worth RM50
3. Clinique Super City Sunblock
4. Clinique 3 Step products (Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer)
4. Clinique Lash Power Volumizing Mascara
What are you waiting for? Head over to Clinique Star Tour today! They will be at Pavilion KL this coming Fri to Sun. Don't miss out your chance to get a star makeover!

For more information on their tour locations, check out


  1. haha I saw a pretty chubby face above :P jk jk

    u look slight different XD

  2. Nice photo Li Chuen! Pretty! =)

  3. they did natural make up whei~seriously it's suitable for age like us hahaha XD

  4. Nice nice! Can't wait for mine. xD

  5. Wow... u looks really different after the makeover. Haha!! ^u^

    Feels like going for mine makeover too but I did it last year. =P

  6. nice post! and of course nice pictures with awesome quality! =)

  7. hahah yea, cuz the Clinique Star Tour target audience is coll/uni students ma :)
    You should go try! :D

  8. niceee :) going for the one in Pavi?

  9. hehe..yea! cuz my hair got straighened. not so messy xD

    Go again la~ quite fun ah ^^ plus this year makeup different d. more to natural concept

  10. thx dear :) you shold go try it out too!

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  12. Wow!!! This is a very technical stuff which I will never know how make up works. LoL! I will definitely fail in this subject called make up. I wonder how male make up artists passed this subject. LOL

  13. Nais ^^ din go this yr =(