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Dec 14, 2011

Aladdin the Musical @ Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre

 From going to behind the scenes a few weeks back, I finally got to watch Aladdin the Musical on 2nd December! Brought the parents along :) Thanks again to Avante and Sunway Lagoon for the invites!

 Decided the park at Sunway Hotel but the parking was full and we were stuck in the parking lot for 30 mins. Finally found a parking outdoor even though it was still raining. Luckily we arrived just before the show was about to start!

 Huge stage!

 Princess Jasmine and Aladdin


Aladdin the Musical does not follow the original script from Disney but the West End producers managed to tweak it to be an entertaining show :)

 Different songs were used throughout the show that got the audience entertained

 The flying carpet scence. 'A Whole New World' song is definitely a MUST!

 Jafar. The actors looks totally different after the wig and makeup!

 Lovers reunited again :)

 Slave of the Ring

Wedding scene finale!

Overall, the show was alright but there can be improvements such as the sound system. There were echoes and sometimes I can't really hear the dialogue clearly. Some scenes seemed quite rush which affects the flow of the story.

I enjoyed the music nonetheless and the genie was funny. It was cute to see the chickens running in the Marketplace scence. Hopefully Sunway Lagoon will be able to produce better shows next time!

Kids having fun and dancing along to the music.

Aladdin the Musical will be held until 2nd Jan 2012.
For more information about Aladdin The Musical, visit Sunway Lagoon's Website or Facebook.
To purchase the tickets, visit AirAsia RedTix!

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  1. You have been invited! Do come early for a good seat!