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Feb 14, 2012

Project Valentine

Helped out my friends from Grim Film for their latest project about Valentines Day. After folding origami flowers the day before, we went out for filming the next day. 
 Shall not spoil the video for you so here are some behind the scenes photo! We went to the Salvation Army Home for the Elderly.

Moved to another location after spending time at the old folks home.  

After all the hard work of filming and editing from Grim Film, the video was released on Sunday night. 
Check it out!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! :)


  1. wow nice! another different kind of love on valentine's day! =D

  2. aww! so sweet of you all doing this type of project! :)

  3. Maybe you can blog about tutorial on how to make those origami flowers (: Such a thoughtful project! 

  4. it's so touching. I can't wait to share this video to all my friends. great video.

  5. Great cause! You have made countless others smile with this initiative!