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Feb 10, 2012

Wong Fu Productions Live in Malaysia @ Taylor's University

Thanks to Once Upon a Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob and Inspire.ME for the photographer pass. I got to attend the Wong Fu 4 Lyfe session at 7pm :)

Reached Taylor's at 6pm. The VIP line was this long :O

Roy and Jared from Grim Film!
Watch their 'The Long Distance Relationship' video if you haven't :)

Everyone finally got into the Multipurpose Hall. 1000 people attend this sold out show!
Wanted to get my hands on some of Wong Fu's merchandise but it was sold out as well.

Event started around 7pm and Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob was the opening act. They performed 3 songs - Change, Cupid's Fall and This is The Part.

Jin from was the MC

Beatbox performance from Shawn Lee

Everyone singing the Wong Fu Weekend song

After that it was dance performance by Elecoldxhot and F.I.X

Finally the highlight of the night. Wong Fu!
Philip and Wesley came out and everyone was screaming their heads off.
I think Wes was using a Digital Harinezumi.

Philip doing the Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra dance.

Ted couldn't make it to Malaysia due to personal issues. He prepared a special video showing him having fun in Malaysia like visiting the Petronas Twin Towers, meeting the PM, Batu Caves and wearing a bikini? haha.

Philip and Wes talked about how they started Wong Fu Productions, advise to aspiring filmakers and also showed some of their video. The fans were screaming when Ryan Higa, Kevin Wu, David Choi and more appeared in videos that they were showing. The power of fans. lol.

We also watched Wong Fu Productions new series 'Home is Where the Hans Are' episode 2 and half of episode 3 as it was still a rough edit. I can't wait for more!

Q&A session was funny. Although they stated that they want questions related to the production side, it still didn't stop fans to ask questions like 'Is Wes dating Cathy?', 'Is Phil single?' etc xD

A fan even ask them to introduce themselves in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Photographers and media were invited up on stage to take photos of Wong Fu Productions with their fan. I was standing on the right because the middle was packed, so this photo doesn't look that great as it doesn't justify the amount of people that came.

All the fans!

Managed to bump into some old friends as well!
Jay Dee

It was a surreal experience getting to see Philip and Wes from Wong Fu Productions even though I didn't get a picture or their autograph. Really admire their work and I hope they come back to Malaysia soon with Ted! :)

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  1. So is Wes dating Cathy? :P Never knew Msia has so many Wong Fu's fans, even the merchandise are all sold out :O

  2. aww did not manage to catch you there.. exciting times