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Mar 9, 2012

AXE Unleashes Anarchy with For Him + For Her Fragrance!

 Have you ever heard of the brand AXE? If you haven't, no worries.. AXE is the No.1 men's grooming brand in the US manufacturerd by Unilever. They have products like deodorant sprays, shower gels and hair care products.

AXE is also famous for its scandalous and sexual ads! Check out their AXE Anarchy ad below!

For the first time ever, AXE is launching a For Him and For Her bodyspray! With AXE's global fan base and about a quarter of them female, AXE finally fulfilled their wishes! I've smelled the AXE deodorant spray before during roadshows and it smells really good! No wonder females also want to have a taste of AXE ;)

I was invited to the AXE Anarchy launch at Black Box, Publika and the launch was impressive and different from the usuals!

MC Liang and MC Patricia Knudsen

Ray Guinoo, the Marketing Manager for Deodorant and Skin Care at Unilever said ' The launch of Anarchy For Hin and For Her presents a revolution for the AXE fragrance collection. We know guys love the smell of AXE and the confidence and the edge it gives them, and our success is, in part, due to the way girls have also embraced the brand'.

After his speech, Ray pressed the secret code for the AXE Anarchy For Him and For Her body spray to be presented to the media!
The NEW AXE Anarchy For Him + For Her is unleashed! What's next?

Suddenly, Dr Sasha comes up to stage and informs Ray that 1000 experimental cans of AXE Anarchy have gone missing and warns us about the uncontrollable chaos it can bring!

Not believing, Dr. Sasha sprays the AXE Anarchy body spray on her lab assistants and....

Jeng jeng jeng!
Massive chaos unfolds! Both sexes are now irressistable to each other with AXE Anarchy!

Dr. Sasha worries that the missing 1000 experimental cans of Anarchy have been shipped to Malaysia for distribution and will cause chaos! They need YOUR help to retrieve those top secret cans!

Join the search for the 1000 Top Secret Cans Contest!

Here's how you can participate:
Step one: Purchase Anarchy For Him or For Her.
Step two: Log on to AXE Malaysia Facebook Page and click on the Project Anarchy application.
Step three: Scan the Quick Response (QR) code embedded on the can to find out if it is one of the 1000 top secret cans.

The top 5 contestants who retrieve the highest number of these top secret cans will be in the running for prizes such as a five-star island vacation for two, a Tag Heuer watch, a Sony home theather system, an Iphone 4S or a XBox Kinect!

Isn't these prizes fantastic? Don't miss out your chance to join the contest and stand a chance to win awesome prizes! Purchase AXE Anarchy For Him or For Her today!

AXE Anarchy For Him and For Her is priced at RM16.90 each and available at all leading retail pharmacies and supermarkets!

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  1. how good would it be if the 'for her' version is bottled in pink entirely :D 
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