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Mar 14, 2012

BTS of The Visit

Grim Film is back with another short film! Check out their new video below featuring beatboxer Shawn Lee :)

And some behind the scenes pictures as usual...
For more, you can view it on my FB Page :)

Reached the location about 10am and it was hot & sunny!
Luckily we filmed under the shades otherwise we would all get sunburned D:

 Alan Yip & Shawn Lee as the main characters..

 Making fake blood :P

 Trolling chicken that jumped into one of the scenes while filming xD


  1. that's a great video.... touching.

  2. Haha, nice one. Onwards to professionalism. LOL.

  3. The fake blood looks so real! *salute*

  4. i love this one :) they mix the blood in a coffee cup? lol

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