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Mar 5, 2012

Food of the Day #4 @ Jeff Lee Kitchen

My mom's friend brought us to Sungai Buloh for lunch some time back. We went to Jeff Lee Kitchen and it was our first time there. I don't even remember how to get to the destination due to the many turnings here and there. Must rely on my GPS next time.

Arrived at the restaurant and there was already many people waiting for tables. After about half an hour, finally we sat down and ordered our food :D

 Paku Pakis
Mixture of sweet, sour and a hint of spiciness, this vege is definitely addictive and yummy!

Minced pork noodles

'Chu Chap Zhok' - Pork porridge with all the intestines etc..
Usually I am not a fan of the internal organs, but this is exceptionally good!

Claypot Lou Shu Fun

As we were eating, the crowd kept pouring in and many still came after lunch hour. My mom's friend said they are open for dinner and it's better to make reservations due to the huge crowd. It's also adviced to go as early as 6pm to beat the dinner crowd. 

I was definitely satisfied with the delicious food and literally carried my stomach back (translate to Cantonese =P)

Jeff Lee Kitchen 鲜味馆 is located at:
Lot 4133, Jalan Perkhidmatan,
Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh,
47000 Selangor,
Tel: 03 - 6156 1817


  1. I tried this before!!! Everything taste just soooooo goodd!! mmmm~ 

  2. I like the paku pakis! try once before and love it very much!!! =D

  3. nom nom nom! looking delicious there! =P