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Jul 7, 2012

Catch Drum Tao in Malaysia this August!

Heard of Drum Tao?
Established since 1993, Drum Tao mesmerizes their audience with the Japanese drum's intense and powerful beat, creating a new form of art that is modern yet nostalgic. 

Performed in 400 cities in 17 countries like Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, USA and more, Drum Tao is finally making its way to KL with its electric mix of dance and martial arts as the dynamic and innovative Japanese performers beat their Wadaiko Drums!

Drum Tao is definitely a world class entertainment with its 2 hour extravaganza of intricate choreography infused with martial arts and accompanied by music, dynamism and extraordinary synchronization!

Drum Tao's performance blends the ancient traditions of Taiko Drumming and martial arts mastery with innovative and flawlessly choreographed production values of contemporary Japanese excellence.

Be ready to be captivated by an evening of rythm, beats, melody and extraordinary performances!

Drum Tao will be held on 24th - 25th August 2012 at Plenary Hall KCC.
Only a total of 3 shows are available! Don't miss out the chance on catching Drum Tao's extraordinary performance in Malaysia!

Tickets can be purchased at:

Get 15% off your tickets if you purchase if before 20th July!

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