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Sep 16, 2012

Fat Spoon Cafe @ Damansara Uptown

Headed over to Fat Spoon at Damansara Uptown for dinner with my college friends as we haven't met up for a while. First time at Fat Spoon and I am in love with that place already :D

The setting and decorations at Fat Spoon is lovely! Very vintage :) They turn on their fairy lights outside during the night :) The place is cosy and welcoming!

Menu on Peter & Jane books. Used to read these books during kindergarten!

Ulam Fried Rice, RM12.90

Dry Spicy Beef Macaroni, RM11.90
This is not as spicy as the soup version, but I personally preferred the Spicy Beef Macaroni Soup.

Spicy Beef Macaroni Soup, RM11.90

Cempedak Spring Roll with Vanilla Ice Cream, RM9.90
When I looked at the menu, I was immediately attracted to this special dessert. Ordered and LOVE IT! The cempedak was sweet and when added with ice cream it adds on to the awesomeness in it! :D

Fat Spoon Cafe is located at:
73, Jalan SS21/1A,
Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya.
(Same row as Wondermilk)

Opening Hours:
Tues - Thurs (11am - 3pm and 5 - 10pm)
Fri - Sun (11.30am -10pm)
Contact: 03 7728 3323
Facebook: Fat Spoon Cafe

P.s: It's advisable to make reservations beforehand!

Pictures that are not watermarked is credited to Amelia Chantalle


  1. I've always wanted to try out Fat Spoon, heard about their famous spicy beef macaroni soup too! 8D Shall try out soon!

  2. The food seriously look good eh..nice place to chill too! thanks for sharing!

  3. I was wrong! LOL I thought this fat spoon cafe is prolly pure western food hahaha! FUSION! :D

  4. The ulam fried rice appeals to me!

  5. Fat Spoon is awesome! Ive eaten there many times :D

  6. Cempedak Spring Roll with Vanilla Ice Cream? That's really an odd combo. Have never tried cempedak spring roll before, let alone eating the both of them together. They sure look exotically yummy. :p

  7. Yes the spicy beef macaroni soup is good :D Remember to make reservations before you go ^^

  8. Yup it's a good hangout spot although the space is not that big :)

  9. Haven't tried it personally but my friend said it's nice :)

  10. yes! I would soon be a frequent visitor when I have time xD

  11. It sure is odd but its REALLY good :D

  12. omg! one day must go there and see see! I am tempted thanks to u :P