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Sep 6, 2012

Libresse Barometer App

Ladies! What makes you happy? For me, traveling to new countries and trying out new things is one of my favourite! While these things keep me occupied, I have my down times too! Little things that happen in your daily lives affect your mood! Stress, worry and reading about things that are happening in society are factors that gets to me. 

Do you feel that you've no place to voice out your opinions or just want a platform to share your mood? Libresse Barometer App provides you with a place to share your views and thoughts :D
Even better, sharing these things gets you some extra special gifts! I've tested it out and it's simple and fun to use :D

It's very easy~

First, like Libresse Malaysia Facebook Page and then click the Barometer app at the right hand corner!

Once you do, click enter to enable the app :D

Every week, there will be a specific topic and the questions will be up on Libresse Malaysia's Facebook Wall on Monday, Wednesday and Friday :D

If it's a hassle for you, just hover over the arrow for the weekly topic and you'll be presented with the questions!


Once you get the hang of everything, choose how you feel about the weekly topic by clicking on the emoticon. There will be more topics coming up as the week progress, so don't be afraid to voice out your own opinion! 

You can either share your thoughts by typing it out....OR speak out by recording your voice! You get to choose to add effects like robot, baby and chipmunk! You get to have some fun :) While I was testing out the robot effect. It made my sound like a man! hahaha...

After that, just click share! And your thoughts will appear in your wall too!

Get ready to dance share your opinions because Libresse Malaysia will have surprises for 3 users weekly! 1 most active participant and 2 interesting submissions will stand a chance to receive something from Libresse Malaysia ;D

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