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Sep 22, 2012

Singapore Again! [Day 1]

Headed to Singapore during the end of July this year for a proper holiday before my final semester started in Aug. Now I'm back to being stress again but let's not talk about that :P

Going to the beach was my first choice of holiday but no one was free at that time and my parents didn't want me to travel alone.. so Singapore it is! Managed to get a cheap flight from Air Asia which cost cheaper than travelling by bus from Malaysia.

Me and Amelia in the airport at 6AM. Pardon my stoned expression. Didn't sleep much the previous night. Amelia's mom came along with us too!

Reached Singapore and we decided to utilize the public transport! Getting the Tourist Pass was a hassle because they had certain timing for sale and only at certain stations. Quite annoyed because it made us run to a few stations and finally getting them at noon time :(

Tourist Pass works for travelers who are interested in taking Singapore's Public Transport. The card only lets you take the MRT, LRT and Bus for unlimited rides but you have to pay a specific amount of $$. If you're using the tab to travel around Singapore, then it's not necessary to take purchase the card. The card is to be returned and you'll get your deposit of SG$10 back :) If you're interested in the Tourist Pass, check out their website for more info.

Anyway, since we reached early, we were in the MRT with the working crowd. Got off a Little India station and headed over to the backpacker hostel called The InnCrowd. It wasn't check-in time yet so we headed out for breakfast. Food tasted quite bland. After that, I brought Amelia and her mom over to Bugis Street for some shopping! In the first few hours we already bought quite a number of stuff xD

Checked into InnCrowd after lunch and settled into the room. We got the Triple Room for SG$79 per night. Quite disappointed because they gave us the creaky double decker bed. They had single beds for triple room but I guess it's occupied already. InnCrowd is a good place if you want to meet people. However sleep wise, I wished Checkers Inn was open as it was under renovation.

Amelia's friend, Eigen came over and brought us to Chinatown. Got to visit the new temple called Buddha's Relic Tooth Temple.



Eigen also brought us to this stall that sells German Sausage in Chinatown!

After that, we headed to Orchard Road. Visited the malls :)

It's been a while since I met up with Singaporean bloggers Kevin and Darran so we decided to meet for dinner!
Darran brought us to MellBen Seafood in Ang Mo Kio to try out Singapore's Chili Crab :) Kevin came and joined us too!

The place was packed even though it's a Monday! Waited an hour for our food...



Crab Bee Hoon
Enjoyed this dish and their crab is really fresh :D The soup is creamy/milky and you top it up with noodles.

Chili Crab
This was alright. For me there's no 'kick' in this but it's worth a try :) I think I would like this if it's spicier!

A photo with Kevin and Darran after dinner!
My eyes is already half closed after the early morning flight and all the walking! haha...

That's it for Day 1 :) Next will be Universal Studios~

Photos that are watermarked belong to Amelia Chantalle

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