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Oct 29, 2012

Dressing Up for Halloween!

 If you've seen my Instagram updates for the past few days, you would notice me posting pics about my Halloween outfit! My uni had a Halloween event organized, so me n a couple of friends decided to join in the fun by dressing up! Even though the event was kinda boring... but it's the company that counts :)

At first, I was racking my brains on what should I go as...should I buy an outfit or save money to find what's in my closet? I chose the latter one of course. Getting a new outfit was just too expensive. Have to budget :P

After surfing on YouTube for makeup ideas, I decided to go as a Forest Nymph!

Wanted to use MissChievous's look but my friends say it's too scary and recommended another one for me. Would love to try this next time! 

Obviously I'm not great at makeup, so I just followed it roughly.
My Coastal Scent 88 palette came to rescue even though it isn't shimmery. Just did very basic stuff.

Guess how much I spent for my look?
Less than RM20!
RM5 for the flower band on my head for Daiso :P I was considering DIY-ing with wires and fake flowers or buying floral headband in F21 or something but luckily I found it in Daiso. Saved tons of money...haha! It was plastic so I had to use hair pins to pin it to my head. RM6 for fake eyelashes but I forgot to put em on. Not a fan of fake eyelashes becaue I makes my eyelid feel very heavy.

Who/what did you dress up as for Halloween? :)


  1. U look lovely li chuen! not scary also! :D

  2. I actually like your make up (: So pretty and sweet.

  3. well urs not scary at all! a pretty dress up! =D

  4. Agree with the guys! You look so pretty like angel neh :D

  5. Looking pretty cousin :)